Wednesday, July 15, 2009

last weekend in Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village + canoeing

So sooorry for lateness.
It was a great weekend except that I felt too tired and have pains everywhere in my body after the trip and haven't recovered yet.
In Henry Ford Museam, there are many old-styled cars,trains and even planes! I like the old cars, cause each one is unique and special. Some of them are so cute that look like they just jumped out from animated movie screen.
There are also some cars used by presidents.
Greenfield village is a nice place for a date. Everything makes you relax and feel peaceful. We enjoy the old toyes and the huge icecream which I never forget.
On sunday afternoon, we canoeing in the river for 2hours and became brown. We spent too much energy to catch up the ducks....... Some guys can enjoy swimming for free by accident, haha.
Hope everybody have a nice weekend!

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  1. Haa, I love the photo with the hand puppets!
    What kind of "huge ice cream" did you have? :9